"So.. what do you like about software engineering?"

Yup, that was my response when I was asked this question by my final year project client. We had to do a brief introduction on who we are and when it came to me, he asked me a question that I could not think of an answer on the spot. Why? Probably because… I don’t really have a keen interest in software engineering… Ha.
Although after that, I went home and thought about it. I realize that the only thing I liked and don’t mind doing it with love, passion etc etc (okay I’m exaggerating but you get the point) is analyzing the user’s needs and software requirements. In short, what the people who are using the software wants & expects from the software and understanding what the software needs. Yeah, that’s pretty much just it. For those of you that have NO clue what the hell is software engineering, it’s basically where you are involved with the design and development of a software (No.. not THAT kind of design which you are thinking.. it’s much more complicated than that) with some coding involved in it as well.
As some of you already know, I am more interested in the web or mobile development. I prefer doing stuff that relates to graphic designing and also writing. Recently, I have this subject which introduced me to User Experience (UX) and damn, I love this subject. I am goddamn interested in this all this stuff! UX is about understanding how the users (which is basically you, the one reading this now) are experiencing using something, such as websites, products and so on. By understanding this, you can design something that suits everyone. Maybe that’s why I love to make people happy, to please everyone. When I googled on how to find my passion, one of the questions that I had to ask myself was, “What is the one thing in your life that you do that makes you feel happy after?”. 
I realize that I like to make people happy, to satisfy people. It makes me feel so happy afterwards. Basically in a way, this is like satisfying the user’s needs & requirements. This kind of just makes so much of sense, maybe with all the praying I did so finally God decides to path my way through.. LOL.
I can’t say for sure now but… as for now, this is the path that I plan to take.
Btw, after the response I gave (he probably knew that I don’t even know what to say) so he decided to just start with “Oh so you like web development?” and I’m just like OH YESS yeah I’m more into web development actually blablabla etc. THANK GOD he decides to say something or else I’ll just be like.. uhhh uhhhh forever till next year!!!
(Why am I not confident but instead so socially awkward infront of people especially important people?!?!?!?) *facepalm*
x chelle