A Better Florist Brings Affordable Bouquets to Malaysia


If you love fresh, cut flowers but find them too expensive, then here’s some good news for you. The Best Singapore Flower Delivery finally brings top quality yet budget-friendly Flowers Malaysia. A Better Florist has managed to perfect the formula of providing better flowers, better customer service and better delivery without the hefty price tag!

Their journey from struggling startup to Best Flower Delivery was not easy. A lot of hard lessons were learned, but they emerged better for it, just like their brand. They’re always working to provide better products, better services and better customer experience. Before becoming the Best Florist in Kuala Lumpur, they first perfected their craft in Singapore.


They figured out that curation is key to streamlining their online shop. Instead of hundreds and hundreds of similar-looking bouquets, flower boxes and vase arrangements, their brilliant florists decided to curate their floral designs to showcase only the best and most versatile designs for Same Day Flower Delivery. Flowers are also handcrafted on the day of purchase to ensure maximum freshness and peak form. This not only saves customers precious time, it’s also a sustainable way of running an online shop because it decreases incidents of spoilage.


Creativity, sustainability and innovation coalesce to make A Better Florist the Best Florist in Kuala Lumpur. All these values can be seen in their creative and contemporary collection of bouquets, baskets, flower boxes, Flower Stand KL, wreaths and table arrangements. Their funeral flower delivery has been highly praised not just for the beautiful designs, but also the quick and discreet delivery of the blooms. Meanwhile, their handcrafted bouquets continue to be popular for both young professionals and the flower-loving populace looking to brighten someone’s day.


A Better Florist’s online shop also features an array of Hamper and gift baskets. For ailing and recovering loved ones, they have the Get Well Soon hamper collection filled with healthy goodies. Fruit basket delivery is also a great gift for recuperating friends or family members. Orchard-fresh fruits are not only delicious, they’re also food for wellness. You can also browse their New Born Baby Hamper collection which look pretty and picture perfect with a great selection for both baby boys and baby girls.

Whatever product you decide to buy from A Better Florist, they will surely arrive on time. Their standard same day delivery for Fruit basket delivery and funeral flower delivery applies to all areas in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley. Best of all, it’s absolutely free of charge! So if you want an online florist to deliver your bouquet quickly and efficiently so it won’t ruin the surprise, A Better Florist has your back.


It’s only natural that when a business reaches a certain level of success, they start to branch out. For A Better Florist, international expansion was their first order of business to make farm-fresh flowers accessible to more people. Two of their recent expansions are already paying off! Their flower delivery UAE has already impressed Middle Eastern customers. An influencer even included A Better Florist among the best Flower Delivery Dubai. Similarly, the unique and refreshing Hong Kong Flowers crafted by their Florist in Hong Kong has propelled A Better Florist into the best HK florist list.


So if you’re looking for top-notch flower bouquets without spending a fortune, A Better Florist is the way to go!

What is a healthy mind?

Processed with VSCO with  presetPicture taken in July 2017, with a genuine laughter (thanks to my adorable bestfriends)

This is just something random that has been lingering in my mind for awhile. The struggle to stay positive, to be happy and have a healthy mind even when life knocks you down. I guess because I came to realize that this is a daily struggle for not only myself but many people as well.

What really is a healthy mind? 

There was a period of time when my mind was not healthy at all. In short, I was not happy. Smiling and laughing took a lot of effort, it all felt fake. For a few years, everyday felt like a struggle to even wake up every morning. It was like I was physically there, but I’m not really there. It took me sometime to get out of that ‘comfort zone’ that I was in. It was a comfort zone to me at that time because I choose to stay in that zone. I keep going back to it, no matter what.

Some of you may or may not have these kind of thoughts before. What am I living for? Is there a reason to live, what IS my reason to live? No one really cares. Why am I not smart enough, or good enough? I’m not capable of doing this and that. I’m below average, or just average. I won’t be able to cope or handle with this and that.

A healthy mind is when you don’t have all these thoughts.

I think we all tend to look down on ourselves at times and compare ourselves with others. We view ourselves as something so small and we lack confidence in ourselves. I believe that everyone has those moments. Sometimes it just comes unexpectedly, especially when something bad happens that impacts you greatly. Maybe it’s the way you were brought up, the environment that you were in that sometimes cause you to feel or think these thoughts. Or it could be because of some bad events that happened before.

One thing’s for sure though, is that everyone has their own purpose in life, and it’s all in your hands. YOU get to choose what you want to live for. YOU have the choice to create your own path in life. Everybody has their own choice on how you want to live your life. Choose the ones that makes you happy, the ones that helps you to become a better person and cause a positive impact in your life.

On a side note, having positive people by your side also influences your life choices and decisions. If you surround yourself with people that help lift you up, you will one day manage to lift yourself up as well.

I used to think that I can’t control what I’m feeling. That it just comes and goes. To an extent, this is true. But you can definitely choose how do you respond to these feelings or thoughts. When it comes, you can choose to either respond negatively… or seek for help from others. It is all about mindset and your willingness to change or control it.

There will be good and bad times in life, but one day eventually you will learn to see the positive sides of even the bad ones. You will be able to believe in yourself and start seeing yourself as a valuable person. You are definitely not alone in this world. I can guarantee you have AT LEAST 1 person (definitely more than 1 though) that cares about you. Sure there will be times when you fall down, so get yo ass back up just like the saying ‘Fall 7 times, get up 8’.

Your life is like a book. There are a few chapters, some chapters are bad and good. One chapter does not define the whole book.

Be the author of your own book.

x chelle