About Me

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(and this is me being an awkward potato)


I’m Michelle.. a computer science student majoring in software engineering.

I’m actually half-chinese and half-indian. But no, I can’t speak any chinese or indian language.

I have 2 dogs, and a loving family surrounded by amazing friends as well as my significant other.

I enjoy going to the gym, writing random shit and watching TV shows (especially korean dramas, sorry it had to be said).


A few things that I really love is self-development (or wellness) and fitness, so these two are probably what you’ll mostly be reading about from my blog.

Of course, there will be other random stuff such as reviews of places that I have visited, random interesting stuff, and occasional rants.


Cause it’s cute! Right?!

..and also because I always believed that everyone has fears & not everyone is able to overcome them. Fear is usually what stops us from doing or achieving things, and this is where hope comes in.

You only need that tiny bit of hope to achieve great things in life, to do what you wanna do and to pursue your dreams and goals.

So, have hope..

And just do it like nike.

x chelle