5 Habits That Might Be Limiting Your Growth

Are we to blame for limiting our own growth? Chances are — we are the sole reason. We are all guilty of having several habits that prevent us from success. Certain habits that we practice every day might just bring us a step back from achieving our goals.

Successful people maintain good, successful habits. Once you realize what are the bad habits which seem to be bringing you down, you are on your way to becoming a better version of yourself.

With that being said, here are the 5 habits that are limiting your self-growth:

1. Negative self-talk

We may not realize it, but we tend to self-bully ourselves on a regular basis. We don’t have much self-confidence, we don’t believe in ourselves enough to realize how much more capable we are.

One thing that you would have to accept in the long run is that — failure is inevitable. We fail, we learn from it, and then we try again.

The most successful people have very high self-worth. They know their value. They know what they are worth.

The successful CEOs and entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, they had confidence in what they do, and most importantly in themselves.

Stop telling yourself that you’re not skilled enough, or whether you’re too dumb to understand something.

If you want to start your own business, just do it! Give up the habit of low self-worth and have some self-confidence.

2. Comparing yourself with others

Unconsciously, we will admire our friends having fun, travelling to amazing places, driving a new car — and we wish that we could be them instead. Your colleague gets a promotion, and you’ll envy them.

Instead of focusing on our own growth, we are too busy trying to reach their level. We are struggling to get ahead or be equal to them.

Why not spend the time to focus and work on your own dreams? The only person you should compare to would be your past self. Not others, but yourself. Be better than who you were yesterday.

3. Not stepping out of our comfort zones

More often than not, most of us tend to stay in our own comfort zones because we are comfortable where we are.

We tend to shy away from change as much as possible, all because we are too afraid of change.

If you always stay where you are, you will never be able to grow. Keep challenging yourself daily, life is all about how you make it.

Your growth is in your hands. Not your employer, not your parents — yourself. Go out there and do something different from your every day-to-day life.

You’ll be surprised, that might be the best decision you’ll ever make.

4. Talking about your dreams, but not doing anything about it

Nothing in life comes easy. Success will not immediately just fall into your lap.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, slept in the office and poured in hundreds of hours to get to where he is today.

We procrastinate because we are unsure of ourselves. We talk about our dreams, but dreams are just dreams if we don’t take the necessary steps to achieve them.

Stop talking about it, and start doing!

5. Not accepting criticism or feedback

I get it, sometimes you feel like you know everything. You think that you’re doing well, you know your stuff, and ego gets in the way.

We have to be able to accept feedback or criticism, as that is the only way we can improve ourselves.

Be more aware of the things people are saying about you. Bill Gates once said,

“We all need people who can give us feedback. That’s how we improve”.

If we are so closed off from other people’s opinion about yourself, we won’t realize what we are doing wrong. We can’t tell what are our strengths and weaknesses.

We have to learn how to be okay with receiving feedback. If not, you won’t be able to grow and improve your skills, or work on your weaknesses.

Work on yourself every day, because you are your own greatest investment. Learn a skill that you never thought you would try before.

Challenge yourself. Live life in a way that you are always growing. You don’t have to stay stagnant, unless you want to, of course.

Self-growth is something that everyone should take the time to work on. When you start focusing on your self-growth, one day when you look back at yourself, you will be proud of how far you’ve come and what you have achieved.

What does it mean to be happy?

“What makes you happy?”

Someone asked me this question a few weeks ago.

At that moment, I couldn’t answer. Maybe I didn’t expect a question like that.

I thought I knew what is happiness – but I guess I don’t since I couldn’t give a straight answer.

Recently, I discovered the “Brahma-Vihara”, which is the four states of the mind taught by Buddha, when I read the book called “A CEO, an Entrepreneur, a Tourist, and the Monk: Finding the Balance Between Success and Happiness” by the author Alex Butt.

I’m born a Christian, but to me – religion is there just to guide us. You can be labeled a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or Hindu but if you’re not a good person, your religion means nothing.

All religions teaches the same thing – love.

The four sublime states are love (metta), compassion (karuna), sympathetic joy (mudita) and equanimity (upekkha).

You can find out more (a brief version for those that hate to read long texts :P) here.

That’s when I realized that the main causes of what makes us unhappy with our lives are because we are consumed with jealousy, envy, ego, hatred, and all these negative feelings.

I know – we all aren’t perfect. We are bound to feel these negative feelings and emotions. We are human beings after all – we are meant to have good and bad feelings.

With practice, we learn how to react to situations better.

Yes, you can feel angry, jealous, egoistic and everything but you can choose to not be so consumed by it.

Let them go. Let these feelings go.

If you noticed, the times when you’re feeling happy is when all these feelings aren’t present.

Life is a long ass journey – so don’t spend your time being bitter about everything.

What you choose to feel reflects externally as well. Just like a ripple effect. What goes around, comes around.

Just like the saying goes, “You reap what you sow” – the natural consequence of your actions when you give in the present, in the future, someway or another you’ll receive abundantly.

Many of us are seeking for happiness. But in fact, happiness is right in front of us. Happiness is already within us.

The definition of happiness is just feeling love, compassion and joy.

You can find happiness in everything you do – every choice, every decision, every action.

And so, this is my answer to what makes me happy.

p/s: I highly recommend the book that was mentioned above!

How to Look for the Right Grand Opening Flowers

Flowers always perform an essential role in the success of any occasion. It uplifts the mood of a person because it signifies beauty, love, and respect. One of the occasions wherein flowers are needed is on the grand opening of a business. So if ever that you are planning to send flowers delivery for the opening of a business, then here are some of the factors that you have to consider.

What to Consider When Looking for Grand Opening Flowers

  • Colors of the flowers – The colors of the flowers are essential for the opening of a business. It is advisable that you look for colors that provide cheerful and cozy vibes such as yellow, pink, and orange if you want the celebration to be lively.
  • Arrangements of the flowers – With different flower arrangements that you can choose from, it is important for you to know what particular arrangement is suitable for a grand opening of a business.
  • Quality of the flowers – Of course, the beauty of the flowers will always be noticeable if they are fresh. This is when you have to look for a trusted florist that could provide you with a variety of fresh flowers for a grand opening.
  • Meaning of the flowers – Familiarizing yourself with the meanings of the flowers can also help you decide what to choose for a grand opening. It is best that you look for flowers that signify happiness and success. If ever that you don’t have the time to do your research about the meaning of flowers, then you can always ask help from the florist.
  • Cost of the grand opening flowers – The price of the flowers will always be an essential factor that you should check if you don’t want to spend much for grand opening flowers. You can look for simple arrangements as long as it can make the moment memorable.

If you want to get the best grand opening flowers for your business or for the opening of your friend’s business then you can take advantage of the internet wherein you can simply compare your options. All you have to do is to check the images of each arrangement and choose the one that suits your taste and your budget. If it is for a friend, you have to make sure that the florist can deliver the grand opening flowers on time before the occasion starts.

The Gift of Orchids Flower Delivery

No matter the occasion, you can find a suitable gift of Orchids for special Flower Delivery Singapore in the hundreds of species available. The flowers of Orchids are ideal for all types of occasions. The Florist provides great options for your gifts, and if you are sending a hand bouquet or a unique flower arrangement to express your emotions, there are plenty of designs to choose from. See what the Orchids can bring if you opt to send the flowers as your gifts to the celebrant:

Orchids are Elegant Decorations

A bouquet of Orchids, whether in one color or in combination of colors, can be an elegant decoration to a room or home. Aside from being a lovely gift to make the occasion more memorable, the gift of Orchids provide decorations that will brighten the area, making it a nice item for online florist delivery.

Orchids are Graceful Accents

The gift of Orchid floral bouquet will add elegant and graceful accent to any interiors. The beauty and delicate structure of the Orchid flowers will surely enhance the room. You will find varied shapes of Orchids at the flower shop Singapore, as well as all varieties of colors, sizes, and patterns.

Orchids are Exotic Beauty

A gift of Orchid flower or plant is a gift of exotic beauty. The magnificent appearance of Orchids complements any sophisticated and class events, outfit, or occasions. The florist in Singapore can help you with the design whether you are looking for vintage or classical exotic floral bouquet or you want a modern design of bouquet.

Orchids are Long Lasting

Most blooms of Orchids last from one month to four months depending on the variety and types. This type of flower will give you beautiful hard blooms, especially when taken care of properly. Seasons through seasons, your Orchids will continue to bloom. Ask your florists for re-blooming techniques.

Orchids are Easy Maintenance

The natural environment of the flowers of Orchids are warm climate and moist. They are best to be in the tropical environment. Whether for indoor growing or outdoor gardening, it is so easy to take care of the plant and blooms.

For an orchid plant or an orchid bouquet, sending a Flower Delivery of this flower will surely bring delight to its recipient. You can also choose to keep them as special ornamentation to beautify the room and to add natural charms to the environment.

Life Does Get Better, Eventually.

8 years ago, I would’ve told you that life doesn’t get better.

You will always feel like shit. You can’t succeed in life. You’re a failure and you’ll always be one.

Life is always shitty and screwed up in many ways.

Today, I’m here to tell you that it does get better. No, it’s definitely not easy and it won’t happen tomorrow.

But one day, you will be able to free yourself from the cage that you’ve put yourself in.

The cage is basically like your mind.

You surround yourself with negativity, self-hatred, depressive state of mind. You have your own key to your cage. It is up to you to decide when you want to use the key and set yourself free.

Coming from someone who wrote in old blog posts on how it’ll never go away – this feeling of hating life and myself included.

Now, I love myself and my life.

Sure, there are many reasons to be unhappy about but you know what? Life will be good if you make it good.

Of course, there are some days when all I wanna do is just stay in bed and never come out of my room to face reality. It’s okay to have those days, as long as you get yourself back up again after that and start over.

I never thought that I will one day accept who I am and life in general. But here I am, reminding and telling all of you reading this that you will get through this.

Whatever hardships, depression and negative things that are going on right now in your life, it will all pass.

Start doing things that make you happy. Do the things you love to do. Not things that make you feel bad about yourself. If you can’t think of anything, get out there and search for it. You will find it.

You will start to see life in a whole new light and live with a purpose.

Find your purpose to live.

4 Easiest Healthy Habits To Lose Fat

We are all guilty of not making healthier decisions or choices and it is totally fine. We aren’t perfect! But in the long run, all these little healthy choices will be very beneficial as you get older. However, you must take into account your genes as well as certain food or exercise may not be good for you. How to know? Take a DNA test Malaysia to find out which workout and food are suitable for you and your genes. Here are just some simple easy tips that worked for me, and I’m sure you’ll benefit from them too!

1. Eat more unprocessed food

One of the things that I found most helpful is eating more whole, unprocessed foods.

Unprocessed foods will tend to make you feel more full compared to processed.

Processed foods are packed with sodium, salt, preservatives and all the unnecessary extra calories which you don’t need.

Here are some examples of unprocessed and processed food:

Processed (food you should avoid!)
– most of the microwavable foods
– deli meat
– fast food
– potato chips

Unprocessed (food you should eat!)
– fresh fruits & vegetables
– eggs
– lean meat (eg. free range chicken, grass fed beef, wild fish)
– nuts & seeds (almonds, pecans, macadamia nuts, flax seeds, chia seeds)

If you want to find out more about processed vs unprocessed food, you can check out this link.

2. Snack healthier

We are all guilty of snacking foods like potato chips, chocolate, instant noodles and so on. If you’re the type that loves to snack a lot, try snacking on healthier options such as nuts, whole oatmeal, rice cakes, and greek yogurt.

You can also check out THENATIVEFOODCOMPANY, they provide the best healthy and protein snacks from all around the world! If you use my code ‘MICHK’ upon check out, you get to save some $$!

A few snack ideas (which I personally love):
– greek yogurt with honey
– rice cakes topped with peanut butter
– full boiled eggs with mayonnaise

p/s: If you love bread, try rice cakes – a great low-calorie alternative. You can find them at any grocery store. You can eat them with what you usually eat with your bread. But don’t eat them too often as some say that they have a certain amount of sodium in them.

3. Be careful of what you drink

A can of coke is roughly 140 calories. Most of the sodas contain roughly ~200 calories plus and minus. You may think that all these drinks won’t cost you – but it does. Even alcohol contains calories! Did you also know if you have HIV, alcohol could worsen the symthoms? If you have sexual intercourse regularly and you don’t get yourself checked for HIV or STD, you could potentially harm yourself. Those who are sexually active should take a HIV test kit Malaysia to ensure you’re safe from this harmful disease.

Always opt for better options such as drinking water, green tea, iced tea.
Most of the time especially when I’m out, I usually order water. Even at home, I rarely drink unnecessarily unless I have a lot of calories left.

Read more: Why I Started This Healthy Lifestyle

4. Always be on the move

Whenever you can, always try to burn the extra calories by walking more, or taking the stairs if the floor is just a few floors above (or if you are not feeling lazy, then opt for the stairs all the time even when it’s 6 floors above!).

Exercise whenever you can, even simple exercises at home makes a difference!

Try searching up ‘HIIT’ exercises on youtube, there are tons of them! HIIT is one of the best ways to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time.
Click here for the HIIT exercises.

You don’t need to exercise for an hour or more. It only takes 30 minutes out of 24 hours a day. You can even try yoga as well! Just find the right yoga class in KL that is the nearest to you! 

I hope you found these tips helpful! Try to consider incorporating them into your daily lives, I assure you that it’ll make a huge difference 🙂

Remember to always be patient. Changes don’t occur within a few weeks, it takes alot of time, consistency and effort.

Don’t give up so easily when you don’t see any differences within a few weeks – give it time. Months, years. You’ll get there.
x chelle

A Better Florist Brings Affordable Bouquets to Malaysia

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Their journey from struggling startup to Best Flower Delivery was not easy. A lot of hard lessons were learned, but they emerged better for it, just like their brand. They’re always working to provide better products, better services and better customer experience. Before becoming the Best Florist in Kuala Lumpur, they first perfected their craft in Singapore.


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Creativity, sustainability and innovation coalesce to make A Better Florist the Best Florist in Kuala Lumpur. All these values can be seen in their creative and contemporary collection of bouquets, baskets, flower boxes, Flower Stand KL, wreaths and table arrangements. Their funeral flower delivery has been highly praised not just for the beautiful designs, but also the quick and discreet delivery of the blooms. Meanwhile, their handcrafted bouquets continue to be popular for both young professionals and the flower-loving populace looking to brighten someone’s day.


A Better Florist’s online shop also features an array of Hamper and gift baskets. For ailing and recovering loved ones, they have the Get Well Soon hamper collection filled with healthy goodies. Fruit basket delivery is also a great gift for recuperating friends or family members. Orchard-fresh fruits are not only delicious, they’re also food for wellness. You can also browse their New Born Baby Hamper collection which look pretty and picture perfect with a great selection for both baby boys and baby girls.

Whatever product you decide to buy from A Better Florist, they will surely arrive on time. Their standard same day delivery for Fruit basket delivery and funeral flower delivery applies to all areas in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley. Best of all, it’s absolutely free of charge! So if you want an online florist to deliver your bouquet quickly and efficiently so it won’t ruin the surprise, A Better Florist has your back.


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So if you’re looking for top-notch flower bouquets without spending a fortune, A Better Florist is the way to go!

4 Things To Remember When Life Gets Hard

Well, it’s been awhile. My last post was on January 1st.
It’s already February now! Time flies…
One of the reasons why I haven’t been blogging (or following my so-called blogging schedule) is because my mind wasn’t in a good state – negative thoughts and all that.
It’s important to take care of yourself first – your mental health. So that’s what I did (you should too!).
I’ll be starting a series called #WellnessWednesdays where I blog about wellness in general on Wednesdays (if I manage to follow….) so expect some wellness posts on upcoming Wednesdays! 🙂
Moving on – this blog post is inspired by a Korean short film. I recently watched this short Korean drama series (and it made me cried buckets of tears) – KBS Drama Specials – usually 1 hour+ short films. You can watch it here. It made me realize how there are other people wishing they could live longer and here we are sometimes wishing our life is shorter.
For those of you that need little reminders here, this post is to remind you to not give up and just keep going.
Here are 4 things to remind yourself when life is tough:

  1. You are considered lucky.
    In the short film, the main character was wondering why was her life cut short. She wanted to live longer. She was so desperate to live more.
    You were given birth by your very own mother who went through so much of pain just to deliver you.
    You still have a beating heart. You still have a living soul.
    These little things are what counts – you are so blessed already to be able to live and breath like a normal person would.
    Being alive is a very lucky thing. Embrace it – even when life gets in the way.
  2. Pain is temporary.
    The pain you are feeling right now, all the hardships, breakups and struggles – it’s only temporary.
    It will pass.
    No pain lasts forever unless you choose to let it consume you. Don’t let it take over your life – be the change. You can have a good life – if you allow yourself to.
    Be kind to yourself, let happiness into your life. Free yourself from all the negativity and the ones that cause you pain or problems.
    Be good to yourself because you deserve it.
  3. You are loved.
    Take a step back and take a look at the people around you.
    I know – it sounds so cheesy and cringy. But it’s true. You are loved.
    You never know – you might be someone else’s happiness. You might be the reason they wake up every day. You can even put a smile on their face daily.
    People are happy to have you. You might not know it – but there are those that are happy to have you in their lives. They enjoy your company, they love being around you. They love talking to you.
    Remember them.
  4. It can’t be stormy and rainy forever.
    Maybe you have been constantly been let down, so many disappointments, failures and so on. Maybe you feel that you aren’t good enough for your family, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, friend.. or in general.
    Maybe you are struggling to put food on the table, to make ends meet… to build yourself a good career… to make your loved ones proud.. to be good at a job you’re currently struggling with…
    Don’t think that just because your life sucks right now that it’ll suck forever.It will get better.
    I promise.
    Just hang in there for a while longer – and don’t give up. Just keep pushing yourself – and I promise that you will see rays of sunshine and rainbows at the end.
    Just like the weather, rain and storms come and go.
    Just like the struggles and hardships, they will come and go as well.

I hope all of you have a good month ahead!
Stay positive always.
x chelle

Crush Your Fitness Goals For 2018

Have you ever thought to yourself: I want his or her body. I wish I can get his/her body. I want to be skinny. I want to lose weight.
It shouldn’t be that way at all.
You should be thinking: I want to live a healthy life. I want to be active. I want to be a better version of myself.
In the end, it all comes down to the real reason as to why you want to work out, exercise or go to the gym, which is: for yourself. Not anyone else, but yourself.
Focus on you and your own body. Work on your body, figure out what works best for you.
You don’t need to have another person’s body. You don’t need to be envious of others and their physique. You don’t need to compare yourself with others. You are perfect in every way, those people who you wish to become? They all have flaws, just like you. They too had to work hard to get to where they are. You can do it too. You should not only focus just on losing weight since it will become a short-term thing.
Be the better version of yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself well, I’m sure as hell that I believe in you! Even if it takes time, no matter how long it is.
You. Will. Get. There.
There’s no rush anyway, this isn’t a race. There’s no reason to be chasing time (unless you have a photoshoot coming up or you’re competing).
Don’t let other people’s words affect you, especially if they are demotivating words.
Only you know your progress and how bad or well you are doing. The others don’t know the effort you put in or how hard you work.
You wanna gain more muscle or fat because you’re too skinny?
You can do it.
You wanna lose fat (NOT lose weight!) and reduce the flabbiness of your arms and stomach?
You can do it.
You can bloody do it. 2018? Yeah. You’re gonna be whopping 2018’s ass because you are so gonna goddamn get what you want and ACHIEVE it. You don’t even need to just go to the gym.
Yoga? POP Pilates? Muay Thai? Zumba? Jogging? Running? Football? Swimming?
You can achieve your fitness goals with ALL of the above, including signing up for a boxing class in KL! Find what you love, and do it. Don’t just be a couch potato. The main reason for all of these goals is to live a healthy, well-balanced life.
Of course, nutrition plays a HUGE part as well. But if you don’t consume junk food or food with high sodium every single day & hour, I’m sure you’re good to go.
It’s all about BALANCE.
Don’t be eating McDonald’s and cup noodles every day then wonder why nothing is changing.
Plan it out, and you’ll get there.
Figure out what is your 2018 Fitness Goal, and take the steps necessary to achieve it.
Remember, this is not a diet. This is not a short-term thing.
It is long-term, it is a lifestyle. It is a lifelong journey.
x chelle

13 Things Everybody Should Learn When Turning 21

Processed with VSCO with preset

(thanks to my best friend for this postcard)
So.. I finally turned 21. Woohoo! Officially a legal adult! *pops confetti* Although it’s cool and all that I’m considered an adult already….. I’m soooo not ready to be an adult yet. Can I just be a kid forever?!?!?! *insert crying emoji here*
Since I have lived a total of 21 years, I felt like sharing a few things that I have learned throughout my years of life. Some may be relatable or not – well we all go through different shit in life. These are just a few of the things that I think that everyone.. SHOULD learn or at least… know about it if you haven’t turned 21 yet. If you have, hopefully, you have learned these 13 things.

  1. Make more effort to talk to people
    One thing’s for sure is that I realize if we make effort to talk or approach people, not only does it strengthen the relationship but you also get to know the person even more. Don’t be afraid to make the first move by striking up a conversation with your friends or strangers, even your relatives.
  2. It’s okay to not be okay
    If you’re not doing so well, don’t think that you are not allowed to feel this way. Don’t ever think that you have to be okay all the time. Allow yourself to have bad days because there will always be good days ahead. Just have your bad days, and pick yourself up the next day.
  3. Accept what is meant to be and move on
    The boy you loved so much hurt you? The girl you thought was The One turns out not to be? Didn’t managed to get that job? Stop clinging on to something or someone that isn’t meant to be in your life. Learn to let go, and move on. Don’t dwell on the past, focus on your future and see what it’ll bring you. I know it isn’t easy, but for the sake of your happiness, and everyone else.. you have to. Not everything or everyone is meant to stay or be in your life.
  4. Forgive yourself
    One thing that I am always guilty of is blaming myself for everything. Please, learn to forgive yourself for the mistakes you did or did not do. Everybody makes mistakes, as long as you learn from them that’s all that matters.
  5. Forgive others
    Why do you need to cause unnecessary stress in your life by not forgiving others for their mistakes? It may not be even their mistake, but don’t shut them off completely. Forgive them, and forget. Trust me, you will feel much better when you do. It feels so much better to put all the drama behind you than holding on to revenge.
  6. Don’t let fear conquer you
    If you want to try something, GO AHEAD AND JUST DO IT. Don’t think about the what ifs – JUST DO IT! Don’t let fear overcome you and the things that you want to do. You wanna travel to freaking Africa?! Buy a plane ticket right now! Do whatever the heck you wanna do, as long as it makes you happy.
  7. Love yourself
    You are a precious little creature. One thing that I have learned is that it is SO important to have self-love. Pamper yourself, do whatever. Love yourself because each and every one of you are worth it, you are a goddamn piece of 1000k carat diamond ok – boy or girl.
  8. It’s okay to not have things figured out yet
    Really, it is OKAY. There is NO rush to plan your future right away, it takes time to get to where you are and where you want to be. It is FINE if you don’t know your future plans or what you want to do in your life. Baby steps, just go with the flow. You’ll be fine. Life is all about trial and error anyway 🙂
  9. Believe in yourself
    It is so important to believe in yourself because if you don’t, then who will? Other people can believe in you, but if you don’t then there is no point. In the end, the decisions you have to make will always come back to you. Everything is your choice, so believe in your capabilities. Confidence is the key to everything. Even if you don’t have confidence, fake it. Act like you do because confidence is what creates a great impact on everyone, even yourself.
  10. Always be kind
    Always, always, always be kind to others. You’ll never know if your simple actions will make that person’s day. When you’re kind to others, in return you will feel good as well.
  11. Surround yourself with positivity
    Don’t be around people that constantly puts you down, say mean things and make you feel guilty all the time. If that person is always making you upset or hurting you, let them go. Be with people that are constantly lifting you up. You don’t need unnecessary toxic people in your life. There’s just no time for that shit.
  12. Life is short
    You may have lost someone that you love or someone you know. As each day passes by, you don’t know when will anyone’s deathbed be, even your own. Appreciate every living moment and every single person you know because you’ll never know when will be the last time on Earth. You only live once after all.
  13. Choose happiness
    Choose happiness. You are in charge of how you feel every day. Even if there are days when you don’t choose happiness, choose it the next day anyway. You are in charge of how you feel every day. It isn’t easy, but it is possible. You can do it.

There’s more, I think… but I don’t want to write too long. Some points might be even the same or related.
Welp, here’s to many more years of… adulthood.
If any of you have anything else that you’ve learned, do share your thoughts! 🙂
x chelle