7 Female Fitness Instagram Accounts In Malaysia To Follow

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for people to find motivation and pursue their fitness goals or lifestyle.
There are countless female fitness accounts all over Instagram.  Aside from the fitness communities in other countries such as the United States or United Kingdom, in Malaysia there is also a fitness community that is getting larger day by day!
These women all aim to promote a healthy lifestyle as well as to encourage women (and men!) to be fit and healthy.
Not only are there new work outs to try out but their posts also encourage you to achieve your fitness goals in terms of nutrition and physique wise!
Below is a list of female fitness accounts that I personally follow (you should too!) for motivation & inspiration:
(Note: The accounts are not in order, it is numbered randomly.)

  1. Maggie Wong
    Maggie started her bodybuilding journey in 2015 and has participated in various bodybuilding competitions. Despite having hyperthyroidism, that does not stop her from being the best she can be! Her Instagram consists of workout exercises, her gorgeous body and her very own healthy meals.
    Instagram Account: @maggiewong0114
  2. Andrea Ong
    She is not only a fitness model but also a personal trainer as well as one of the top 15 Fitness Influencers! She enjoys hiking during her free time as it can be seen from her Instastory updates. Aside from that she also posts her gorgeous pictures from her photoshoots (she is a model after all!) and workout videos.
    Instagram Account: @andrea_ong
  3. Nana Al Haleq
    It is no surprise to any Malaysian that Nana is one of the top fitness model & motivator. She is also an athlete for PharmaFreak, BeFitMalaysia, Under Armour MY and Australian Strength Performance. On top of that, she is also a Fitness TV Host! She loves rock climbing during her free time. Her job is to motivate and inspire people to live a healthy and active lifestyle, which can be seen through her Instagram.
    Instagram Account: @nanaalhaleq
  4. Joanna Soh
    Who has not heard of this cute Fitness Youtuber!? Her youtube account has close to 1 million subscribers! Aside from her youtube, she also posts her nutrition and workout tips on Instagram as well. You will definitely fall in love with her in general as well as implementing her helpful fitness tips into your lifestyle.
    Instagram Account: @joannasohofficial
  5. Ain Ramli
    She is not only a certified personal trainer but she was also a national athlete for rowing! Her parents were both active in sports, which inspired her especially her father who was a national rugby player. Her Instagram also consists of workout videos, her sculpted body and various other posts.
    Instagram Account: @ainramli
  6. Elina Gives
    Representing all the vegans out there, she is not only a vegan but also a powerlifter! YES, you don’t need meat to get them gainz! She shares tips on being a vegan in Malaysia, and she does a good job at it too! So for those of you who are vegan (or want to be a vegan), her Instagram (and youtube) consists of various vegan meals to eat and locations of restaurants that has vegan food. Besides that, she also posts her workout videos (here’s proof right there that you can lift heavy even without meat!).
    Instagram Account: @elinagives
  7. Winnie Yip
    Previously a WFF Asia Pro Ms Bikini U24 Champion, she is also a Freelance model and Fitness Enthusiast! Her Instagram consists of workout videos as well as her bikini model worthy pictures which will definitely motivate you to be as fit as her!
    Instagram Account: @winniesexyyip

There are way more than 7 Female Fitness Instagram accounts in Malaysia. These are just a few of them.
Sometimes motivating yourself to reach your fitness goals is hard, going to the gym is even harder. But don’t put yourself down, if you want that body, go get it!
You only need that tiny bit of hope as a first step to achieve it 🙂
Do whatever it takes to get the body that you’ve always dreamed of.
It is NEVER too late to start living a healthy lifestyle (and maybe even live longer)!
Hopefully these Instagram accounts will help motivate you (if you haven’t followed them yet)! 🙂
x chelle

Why I Started A Healthy Lifestyle

Honestly, I’ve been wanting to join a gym and start living a healthy active lifestyle since 2014 but never gotten a chance to until 2016. The reason? I am VERY shy to enter a gym with full of guys and surrounded by a bunch of people (tbh I still am shy sometimes). I felt like I could get judged all the time.. Once again, fear was what stopped me from doing things that I want to do. In terms of food wise, naturally the motivation isn’t there if there isn’t something that helps you along with it.
In my high school days I did do some workouts at home, just some arms and abs workout aside from jogging. I was skinny. Back then it was all baby gains (which I was somehow happy about LOL)… BUT from Form 3 onwards I pretty much ate McDonalds almost every week after tuition (and then I was no longer skinny but skinny FAT). Holy crap you should see my tummy. Everyday bloated as hell I looked like I had a beer belly (well ok it wasnt THAT bad but in my eyes it was). I wanted to loose fat.. well no surprise there since everybody that starts off usually just wanna lose weight and fats.
FAST FORWARD TO 2016 when I FINALLY decided to join a gym thanks to my boyfie (actually all the guys I’ve dated works out like what’s with me and dating guys that are into building muscles and shit?). WHERE DID I EVEN GET THE GUTS TO DO IT?!?!? I don’t even know. I really hate being in a place full of people (gosh, introvert problems halp) BUT I PULLED THROUGH! And good thing I did because from that day onwards, my lifestyle changed to basically cutting all the sodas, junk food and so on.. especially all the binge eating McDonalds. I still do eat and drink all those stuff here and there but compared to last time, it’s just not as often as before. Definitely there was a HUGE change to my body.. and I was in love with the progress.
The moment I saw my waist from 26inches to 24inches.. *jumps up and down* And when my stomach fat decreased… yup. Although back then when I first started going to the gym and eating healthy it felt like it was just a phase… but now it became more of a lifestyle. You automatically just start to make healthier choices (but of course with some cheats here and there because hello? food is love? food is life?) and your body automatically needs the gym. Not to mention when you’re just so done with life so you release all the bottled up feelings when working out 🙂
….and that’s basically why and how I started.
Going to the gym when there’s a shitload of people (especially guys) still feels very intimidating to me until now, but I try to push that aside and just work out… in a corner. I LIKE MY CORNERS OKAY! AWAYYYY from everyone.. hehehe 😀
x chelle

"So.. what do you like about software engineering?"

Yup, that was my response when I was asked this question by my final year project client. We had to do a brief introduction on who we are and when it came to me, he asked me a question that I could not think of an answer on the spot. Why? Probably because… I don’t really have a keen interest in software engineering… Ha.
Although after that, I went home and thought about it. I realize that the only thing I liked and don’t mind doing it with love, passion etc etc (okay I’m exaggerating but you get the point) is analyzing the user’s needs and software requirements. In short, what the people who are using the software wants & expects from the software and understanding what the software needs. Yeah, that’s pretty much just it. For those of you that have NO clue what the hell is software engineering, it’s basically where you are involved with the design and development of a software (No.. not THAT kind of design which you are thinking.. it’s much more complicated than that) with some coding involved in it as well.
As some of you already know, I am more interested in the web or mobile development. I prefer doing stuff that relates to graphic designing and also writing. Recently, I have this subject which introduced me to User Experience (UX) and damn, I love this subject. I am goddamn interested in this all this stuff! UX is about understanding how the users (which is basically you, the one reading this now) are experiencing using something, such as websites, products and so on. By understanding this, you can design something that suits everyone. Maybe that’s why I love to make people happy, to please everyone. When I googled on how to find my passion, one of the questions that I had to ask myself was, “What is the one thing in your life that you do that makes you feel happy after?”. 
I realize that I like to make people happy, to satisfy people. It makes me feel so happy afterwards. Basically in a way, this is like satisfying the user’s needs & requirements. This kind of just makes so much of sense, maybe with all the praying I did so finally God decides to path my way through.. LOL.
I can’t say for sure now but… as for now, this is the path that I plan to take.
Btw, after the response I gave (he probably knew that I don’t even know what to say) so he decided to just start with “Oh so you like web development?” and I’m just like OH YESS yeah I’m more into web development actually blablabla etc. THANK GOD he decides to say something or else I’ll just be like.. uhhh uhhhh forever till next year!!!
(Why am I not confident but instead so socially awkward infront of people especially important people?!?!?!?) *facepalm*
x chelle

Start blogging again?

Well.. only a few would remember that I used to be a blogger, and a very active one at that. I remember how much I enjoyed blogging about my life, whatever that happened in school I would ALWAYS write down all that has happened in school so I can blog about it later. Sigh.. memories indeed. I stopped blogging after there was a little bit of drama between my readers and I, mainly because I was being a very immature brat…
No surprise there since I was only freaking 13 (or was it 14?) years old. I was like an angry, foul mouth teenager… and I was always called out for that. Ever since then I kinda had this fear of blogging because I worry about what will others think of me.. what will they judge me on.. are my blog posts offending people.. and what not. I thought I would never step foot in the blogging world…
until now…? Maybe. I guess I’ll just see how it goes. I just feel like I should not let fear prevent me from doing the things I love and that I enjoy doing.. although I’m the type that gets bored of something after awhile.. Well, obviously as you grow older your hobbies and interests always tend to change.
But as of now.. I will just go with the flow 🙂
x chelle