Start blogging again?

Well.. only a few would remember that I used to be a blogger, and a very active one at that. I remember how much I enjoyed blogging about my life, whatever that happened in school I would ALWAYS write down all that has happened in school so I can blog about it later. Sigh.. memories indeed. I stopped blogging after there was a little bit of drama between my readers and I, mainly because I was being a very immature brat…
No surprise there since I was only freaking 13 (or was it 14?) years old. I was like an angry, foul mouth teenager… and I was always called out for that. Ever since then I kinda had this fear of blogging because I worry about what will others think of me.. what will they judge me on.. are my blog posts offending people.. and what not. I thought I would never step foot in the blogging world…
until now…? Maybe. I guess I’ll just see how it goes. I just feel like I should not let fear prevent me from doing the things I love and that I enjoy doing.. although I’m the type that gets bored of something after awhile.. Well, obviously as you grow older your hobbies and interests always tend to change.
But as of now.. I will just go with the flow 🙂
x chelle


  1. [ Smiles ] It is nice to know that you are blogging again.
    You are not your past and you are no longer that foul-mouthed teenager who pissed people off.
    Take it one day at a time and do not let the fear of what other people think stop you from blogging.
    I wish you the best of luck with your WordPress blog!

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